Wood dowel, and square section sticks

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C090 3mm diameter, 600mm long wood dowel each 0.20
C093 4mm diameter, 600mm long wood dowel each 0.20
C095 5mm diameter, 600mm long wood dowel each 0.20
C100 8x8mm square section sticks, 600mm long each 0.20

Tip: In an ideal world the 4mm dowel (C093) would be a 'perfect' push/tight fit into wheels with a 4mm hole. Unfortunately the dowel varies in dia. +/- 0.1 mm from batch to batch. The last batch was thin and loose on some wheels - especially W114/5 and W105. The latest batch is too thick (!) and needs a small hammer to tap it into the wheels. Personally I prefer it too thick than too thin....  I will always do my best to hand-select dowel - especially for classpacks and kits so that it is a good fit in the wheels but you should always be aware of the problem and have the appropriate solutions at hand (glue guns/hammers).

C090 / C093 / C095 / C100

Steel rod

code number description   cost (VAT)
C101 Copper coated steel rod (welding rod), 1.6mm dia., 500mm long each 0.15
C102 Copper coated steel rod (welding rod), 2.0mm dia., 500mm long each 0.25

  C101 Copper coated steel rod used to make an Electric Steady Hand Game

Tip: C102 steel rod (axles) fits the W116 plastic wheels. The axles can be 'run' in strips of 3mm correx.

Wooden lollysticks

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C104 115mm x 10mm x 1.6mm pk. of 100 1.00

A model of a beam bridge using C104 lollysticks and pieces of C100 square section wood


Correx (corriflute) plastic sheet: pks. of 10*

(red, yellow, green, blue, orange, white, black, brown, grey/silver and translucent)

* I'm happy to supply single sheets if required. Please specify C105 or C106 and the colour (s) you want.

I will cut up correx to A5, A4, A3 etc. free of charge.

See also 'M360' disks on 'Miscellaneous' page.

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C105 610mm x 610mm x 4mm thick pk. of 10 20.00
C106 610mm x 610mm x 3mm thick pk. of 10 18.00

PVC flexible tubing and connectors:

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C108 PVC tubing, flexible, 4mm dia. (fits syringes)

(shorter lengths available on request - price pro rata)

25 metres 10.00

Card discs, triangles and axle supports:

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C120 Card discs, 1mm grey board, 40mm dia. with 4mm hole pk. of 100 6.00
C121 Card discs, 1mm grey board, 50mm dia. with 4mm hole pk. of 100 7.00
C123 Card discs, 1mm grey board, 60mm dia. with 4mm hole pk. of 100 7.00
C127 Card discs, 1mm grey board, 70mm dia. with 4mm hole pk. of 100 7.00     
C124 Card discs, 80mm dia. with 4mm hole, white pk. of 100 9.00
C125 Card discs, 1mm grey board, 80mm dia. with 4mm hole pk. of 100 8.00
C134 Card triangles for strengthening C100 wood joints pk. of 100 3.50
C140 Card axle supports pk. of 100 1.00

C140    Elastic band roller using C125 card disks and a C171 no. 18 elastic band

A (working) model of Tower Bridge using C100 square section wood reinforced with C134 card triangles.

The bascules are raised and lowered by S132 and S133 syringes connected together with PVC  tubing (C108) to make a simple hydraulic system.


code number description   cost (+VAT)
C145 Pipecleaners, 150 x 6mm, red, yellow, blue & green pk. of 100 3.00

  C145     Correx Creepers with C145 legs and antennae

Plastic straws:

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C151 Plastic straws, jumbo, 6.5mm x 200mm box of 250 3.00
C152 Plastic straws, bendy, 6.5mm x 200mm box of 250 3.00

(Sorry I've no 5mm bendy straws available at the moment.....they are fairly easy to source from supermarkets and pound shops....)

C151        a windmill made using bendy plastic straws with C095 wooden dowel axles

TIP: C151 can be used as bearings for C093 (4mm) wood dowel axles.

Polystyrene balls:

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C161 Polystyrene balls, 30mm dia. each 0.20
C162 Polystyrene balls, 40mm dia. each (out of stock) 0.25
C163 Polystyrene balls, 50mm dia. each 0.50

Elastic Bands:

code number description   cost (+VAT)
C170 Elastic bands, no.14 (e.g. for pulley buggies and tram project) pk of 200 1.00
C171 Elastic bands, no.18 (for band rollers) pk of 200 1.00
C172 Elastic bands, no.24 (for orrery, carousel and other pulley projects) pk of 100 1.00
C173 Elastic bands, no.63 (e.g. for wind-up propeller projects) pk of 50 1.00

Tip: Keep elastic bands in sealed air-tight bags to make them last longer......













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