Science workshops:

(London area only)

My workshops last from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your timetable.

Up to 30 pupils per class. Every pupil gets 'hands-on experience'.

There must be a member of the school's staff present throughout the session.

I can do up to 3 in a day but some combinations may not be possible - contact me for details.

Subject Age group Cost
Magnets and Magnetism    (A good example of a science investigation plus interesting demos.) Yrs3-6 70
Electricity & Circuits    (hands-on circuit building for everyone in the class: batteries, bulbs, motors, switches and buzzers) Yrs1-6 70
Forces            (Examples of simple contact forces, a quick make-yourself jet-racer and non-contact force demos.) Yrs3-6 90
Pop Tubs         (Chemical reactions in film tubs with fizzy tablets - very exciting!) Yrs4-6 80
Colour and Light       (Investigating properties of light using lenses, mirrors and prisms; needs a darkened room) Yrs5-6 95
Minibeasts          (Observing and drawing rain forest minibeasts (magnifying glasses are supplied: tarantulas, giant millipedes, scorpions, stick insects etc.) Yr2+ 70
Making Kaleidoscopes        (Every pupil makes their own working kaleidoscope with a mirror and pieces of coloured filter - takes just over an hour)

Yrs4-6 80
Making Orreries (A simple working model showing the relative motion* of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. The workshop lasts about an hour and a half. ) *approximate only.

Yrs4-6 90  
Making Thaumatropes & Zoetropes (Every pupil makes their own working thaumatrope and zoetrope with x4 different designs supplied. They are also shown how to draw their own simple animated sequences. The workshop lasts about an hour. ) Yrs3-6 70  
Making Periscopes  (A fold-up-from-a-net periscope with 2 mirrors. The session also includes mirror symmetry activities with another 'free to keep' mirror) Yrs4-6 80

Payment: I will invoice your school after delivery.

*Please note: workshops are not subject to VAT.

My background:

My name is Paul Newham. I have been working in the field of science & technology education for over 40 years and have been delivering workshops in primary schools for over 27 years. I was based at the South London Science & Technology Centre in Camberwell for 26 years and set up the 'Technology Shop' there. Following the closure of the SLSTC in 2006 I relocated to Ivydale Primary School and run the Technology Shop service and deliver workshops to schools in the London area.

I am employed by Ivydale Primary School.

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